Cult Film Club Episode 11: Troll 2 & Best Worst Movie

The Cult Film Club is back with our first Halloween episode where Paxton, Jaime and Shawn tackle the cult horror phenomenon that is Troll 2!  None of the hosts saw this movie before we watched it for the show, so does it live up to the hype?  In addition to discussion of the flick we also tackle the Documentary, Best Worst Movie, which chronicles the making and fall out of Troll 2.  So grab your corn cob, avoid all green custardy foodstuffs, and take a trip with us to Nilbog where we discover that even though you can’t piss on hospitality, you can apparently piss all over the dinner table and your family and not get beaten to death…

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  • ShezCrafti

    I will never look at a cob of corn the same way again.

    • Paxton Holley

      Things I learned from Troll 2:

      1) You can’t piss on hospitality
      2) Getting hit in the balls turns you “homo”
      3) Don’t eat the green food

      4) Making out while holding an ear of corn will cause said corn to explode into bunches of popcorn.

      • Shawn Robare

        Because of Troll 2 and the lessons I learned I’m totally going to get that promotion at work now I just know it. Gonna bring a bushel of corn to the next operations meeting…

    • Shawn Robare

      Surprised they went with a happy “popcorn” ending, creamed corn seemed so much more appropriate… ;)

  • ShezCrafti

    By the way, how did we fail to talk about the VHS cover? What does “the original boogeyman is back” have anything to do with anything??

    • Shawn Robare

      Lol, I know. Nothing about this film makes sense. I’m surprised the cover wasn’t printed in esperanto for added senselessness!

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