So, one of the things that we thought would be really fun with the Cult Film Club is to make it feel like one of those rad clubs we loved as kids.  Think the Monster Squad or The Goonies.  I mean who doesn’t like the idea of secret handshakes, club houses, and matching silk jackets with the embroidered logo on the back?  That’s why we opened up the Cult Film Club to listeners, as a way of initiating welcoming you guys in and providing some member’s only benefits.  First and foremost, by joining the club you’ll get access to a Club Bulletin that details the next film we’ll be covering a couple weeks in advance so that you can watch along with us.  But as another perk, from time to time we’re going to hold member’s only giveaways.  Everyone who joins will be eligible and automatically entered into these contests (we’ll use the sign-up e-mail as the prize notification announcement if you win).  Simple right?

So we just held our first contest, (we sent a special Club Bulletin out announcing it awhile ago, check your spam folder if you didn’t get it) and we’re happy to announce that Fred Turgis of Eighties-O-Rama is our first winner!  Fred snagged a copy of the book If You Like Tarantino and a 1TB External Hard Drive!  Congrats Fred!


So stay tuned for more secret contests in the future, and if you haven’t already, Join Our Rad Club!