Want to help support the Cult Film Club?

So, like any project it takes some money to make things work and run smoothly.  It seems to be pretty common to ask for donations or something, but we here at the Cult Film Club are totally siding with Mr. Pink though when it comes to the idea of “No Tipping”, at least when it comes to receiving them that is.  We’d love your support in helping to cover our costs, but instead of holding out our grubby hands for a tip or donation we’ve got some awesome stickers to sell you! All profit goes directly into paying our podcast hosting, equipment, and maintenance fees.

So, what stickers are we talking about?  Take a gander at these four designs we’re including in our Cult Film Club “No Tipping” Sticker Packs!

These 4 die-cut stickers measure between 2.4″x2.4″ and 3.4″x2.4″, and feature the CFC Logo, Official Membership Badge, our mascot the Phantom Ticket Taker, and the one, the only non-tipper Mr. Pink!

Right now we only have 40 packs available, enough to cover the production costs and the majority of our hosting fees to date.

So where can you snag a pack?  Head on over to our new shop!

Thanks again for listening to the show and for all the out pouring of kindness.   We really couldn’t do this show without you tuning in every month, commenting on the site, and chatting with us over at Facebook and Twitter.   We love you guys, TO DEATH!