On January 17th of 1992, the sci-fi, time travel epic Freejack was released in movie theaters all over the country. One of our traditions here at the Cult Film Club is to track down a bunch of the newspaper advertisements from a bunch of different paper archives to scope all of the radical ads that were run to promote the films we love. So here are a smattering of newsprint ads for Emilio Estevez’s science fiction action flick.

First up, let’s take a look at the very first ad that ran in the New York Times on January 17th, 1992 and featured the main one-sheet artwork from the film…

Typically, especially in the 90s, the advertising that ran in the New York Times would have very similar artwork for the entire run of a film, so it was interesting to see that the marketing was switched up on January 24th to go with the B-style poster artwork for the film.

Pretty much every out outlet we could find ran ads featuring the original one-sheet art. We tried to grab larger sections for those so you could get a feel for all of the other releases in theaters at the time in 1992. Here one from the Desert News on January 17th…

And another from the Lawrence World Journal, also on January 17th.

The Tuscaloosa News, yet again on opening day, Jan 17th 1992.

Here’s an example of a simplified ad from the the Lakeland Ledger that ran in the second week of the film on Jan 24th, 1992.

And finally, this section from the Southeast Missourian which ran on January 17th, 1992.