We’ve been working hard behind the scenes of the Cult Film Club this past year on a couple of new projects that we’re really proud of. We’ve decided to grow our podcast into a small network of sorts branching out into some related but different film-centric content that we hope you the listener will really dig.

Up first we’re excited to debut our new season show, Crestwood House. Each episode of the Crestwood House will be a deep dive into a specific film in the era of Classic Horror (1895-1979). Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, Amicus, American International Pictures, and many more. Inspired by the badass school library books, the Monster Series by Crestwood House Publishing from the late 70s & early 80s, and our three co-hosts (Michael May, Paxton Holley, and Shawn Robare) will take turns picking movies within a specific theme.

Each season of the show will debut in time for the Halloween season and last for nine episodes, ending on the holiday week.

Today we’re proud to present the first episode of season 1!