One of my favorite things about the Last Dragon is the small but super rad performance by the super cool Ernie Reyes Jr.  At 12 years-old he was kicking some serious ass in the film, not to mention break-dancing his way into my heart.  During our latest episode when discussing this flick I brought up the fact that Mr. Reyes was one of the spokesmen for the coolest jeans that have ever existed, Century’s Action Pants (also known as Kickin’ Jeans.)  I’ve detailed the legacy of these amazing pants over at Branded in the 80s, but I thought it would be fun to share two of Ernie Reyes Jr.’s Action Pants ads here at the CFC.

Ernie Reyes Jr Kickin Jeans 2

I mean, just look at little Reyes!  How freaking awesome is that?!?  I’m 99% sure if he time traveled from when this ad was shot to today he could totally kick my butt (and not rip his pants in the process.)  The above ad comes from a 1981 issue of Black Belt Magazine.  Mr. Reyes continued as a spokesman for the jeans throughout the 80s as we can see from this second ad that was ripped from the pages of Boy’s Life in 1983…

Ernie Reyes Jr Kickin Jeans 1