Big Kahuna Burger

The Cult Film Club is now open! Come on in, there’s plenty of Big Kahuna Burgers for everybody. (Except you, Brett.)

Hosted by three pop culture nerds with a passion for cult films, the Cult Film Club is a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH–the weirder, more obscure or awesomely bad, the better!  This podcast is our collective love letter to all of those forgotten classics and hidden gems.

We grew up during the golden age of home video, before DVDs, before Netflix, before our TVs had hundreds of channels on demand, back when choices were limited and we learned to appreciate every precious midnight movie showing or battered VHS rental we could get our hands on.

We love ninjas, mullets, beefy action stars, busty action babes, ridonkulous stunts, terrifying dance numbers, crazy cars, even crazier car chases, screwball antics, drug-fueled dream sequences, awkward teenage romance, bad dubbing, explosions, cheesy music, gratuitous sex and violence and everything else that makes cult films great. If right now you’re thinking, “HOLY SHIT that’s an awesome list!” you’ve come to the right place.

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