It’s finally the Halloween season (a favorite here at the Cult Film Club), so to kick things off right we’re finally tackling one of our favorite flicks, the grindhouse vampire classic From Dusk Till Dawn which hit theater screens back in January of 1996. If you’ve listened to our show before then you’ve most assuredly picked up on our love of the film through our choice in theme music (which was taken from this soundtrack), as well as having George Clooney as Seth Gecko provide the quote for the cold opener in all of our very earlier episodes. “Everybody be cool, You, Be Cool.”

So why not “be cool” by joining us as we discuss the film, the soundtrack, the insane cast, walking away from exploding buildings, the soft fleshy parts of vampires, and why we think that this was the last film of George Clooney before he was replaced by an improbably more successful actor who wins Oscars and stuff.

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