Welcome back to another episode of the Cult Film Club!  This month we’re taking a look at the 1986 Karate Kid clone No Retreat No Surrender starring Kurt McKinney and one of the first feature roles of Jean Claude Van Damme.  This movie is one of co-host Paxton’s favorites, so we’re glad to finally tackle it.  Though it’s by far no Karate Kid, it is captivatingly bonkers in that it involves a crazy ring of mobsters shaking down local karate dojos, an impeccability dressed Russian kickboxing champion (Rocky IV anyone?), and the freaking ghost of Bruce Lee.

noretreatnosurrender small

Join us as we discuss the first time actors, the crazy fight and training scenes, the links between this film and another favorite of the club, Ping Pong Summer, and great songs on the soundtrack.


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