In honor of the opening of the new DC comics/WB film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Pax and Shawn decided it was finally time to dip back into the super hero genre to tackle the box office bomb Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.  Jaime is mia this episode as she was swamped with real life responsibilities, so the guys invited a couple of guest to fill her spot,  CT (from the Nerd Lunch podcast) and Michael May (from the Dragonfly Ripple podcast) to join them in the clubhouse for a discussion on the final Chris Reeve Superman film.

In this episode we talk about our state of mind when we first saw the movie, as well as the things we like (there are a few, yes), the things we don’t like (there are plenty), and how we felt the the legacy of the franchise was handled. We even get in some good discussion about what would have been cool to see in this movie. Join us for our triumphant return to the clubhouse!

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