It’s officially summer and to kick things off right, Shawn, Jaime and Pax decided to cover a flick that is all about summer vacation, the beach, and, well, Ping Pong! We’re breaking tradition a little bit and covering a much more recent film, one that was released in 2014 and we think is destined to become a cult classic, Ping Pong Summer!


Written and directed by Michael Tully and starring Lea Thompson, John Hannah, and Susan Sarandon the film centers around 13 year-old Rad Miracle and his family on their annual summer trip to Ocean City Maryland for fun, sun, and Paul Revere-themed smorgasbords. Set in 1985, we follow Rad as he meets a new best friend Teddy Fryy, falls for the local funk punch swilling babe Stacy Summers, and makes an enemy out of Stacy’s ex, Lyle Ace the local Ping Pong champion. Can Rad master his break dancing moves, win the girl, and beat Lyle in a one-on-one winner takes all table tennis match before the summer is over?

In this episode we talk about the film, the cast, the amazing soundtrack & score, as well as why we think that it’s a shame that the film didn’t do all that well in the box office.

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