Pax, Jaime and Shawn are back this month with the 25th episode of the Cult Film Club.  Since we’ve been sort of on a roll choosing some of our all time favorite flicks, we decided to cap that off with a look at the 1995 neo-noir flick, Hackers.

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Directed by Ian Softley, and starring Johnny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Fisher Stevens, and Matthew Lillard, the film follows Dade Murphy (aka Crash Override, aka Zero Cool) (Miller) as he transfers to a new school and is finally able to legally use a computer again after being busted as a child for one of the largest computer cracks in history.  He quickly gets in tight with a gang of fellow hackers and falls for his digital enemy Acid Burn (Jolie), all while a renegade IT security officer (The Plague) plans to bilk his company out of millions.  After a fellow hacker unwittingly discovers the Plague’s plan, it’s hacker against hacker in this fast-paced, visually stylistic thriller that is equal parts awesome and 90s cheese!

We talk about our experience with the film in theaters, the soundtrack, the cheesy hacking visuals, and the amazing cast.

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