Welcome back Ghouls and Boils to our 2nd annual Cult Film Club Halloween Special. This year Jaime, Paxton and Shawn are covering their first made-for-TV cult flick, the 1985 ABC Special Presentation of The Midnight Hour!

Might Night Hour TV Guide 1985

Starring Lee Montgomery, Shari Belafonte, LeVar Burton, Peter DeLuise, Dedee Pfeifer, Kevin McCarthy, and Jonelle Allen, the film centers on five teens on Halloween in the city of Pitchford Cove. After breaking into a local museum to โ€œborrowโ€ some 300 year-old costumes and a trunk full of spooky artifacts for their Halloween party the kids inadvertently invoke a centuries old curse that opens the gates of hell and brings a horde of the living dead, monsters and ghosts descending upon the town. Can Phil and his lovely ghost girlfriend Sandy stop their murderous rampage before the bell tolls the Midnight Hour?!?

In this episode we dig into the film, discussing the great Halloween ambiance, the classic rock soundtrack, the 80s era homages, and our favorite characters and actors.

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Also, we wanted to give a special shout out to a couple of our friends who also coincidentally landed on covering The Midnight Hour this Halloween season, Vic Sage with his Saturday Night Frights Retroist Podcast and Doug McCoy and his wife who cover the flick on their Never Seen It Podcast!