Crestwood House is kicking off the Halloween season with a real banger as we take a look at 1941’s Universal Monster classic, The Wolfman. Starring Lon Chaney Jr., this is actually Universal’s second and much more successful attempt at bringing the hairy lupines to the silver screen (after Werewolf of London.) The follows Larry Talbot as he returns to his ancestral home to claim his birthright as head of the estate, but fate has a different path in mind. Paxton was first up to pick, so he takes the hosting reins in this debut episode…


Join us as we discuss the film,the actors, the Universal tropes and the amazing makeup by legendary SPFX artist Jack Pierce. Bring some wolf’s bane, a silver-tipped cane and you best Gypsy friend as you listen to us break the movie down. The Wolfman is the first in our “Cycle of the Werewolf” as each host will picked a different lycanthrope to discuss in our first three episodes.

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