To be honest, when brainstorming for additional content to back up our latest episode on The Crush, I really didn’t think I was going to be able to find much stuff, let alone any magazine articles. Color me surprised then when I was flipping through the 1993 issues of Fangoria in our library when I stumbled on an article on the film! It’s a short but fun piece that includes a set visit where writer Steve Newton interviews a handful of the cast (including Alicia Silverstone in one of, if not her first published interview), the producers and the director (Alan Shapiro.) One of the big takeaways from this article that I found particularly interesting was that the budget of the film was minuscule compared to other fare that Morgan Creek was producing at the time. In fact, one of the producers mentions that the budget is basically at the level of a television movie, which is an observation that all three of us Cult Film Club hosts made during the episode. So here’s that piece from issue 122 of Fangoria originally published in May of 1993 (thought it really hit newsstands in April when the film was released in theaters.)

I’m really curious why the Fangoria editors put this under the “It’s Not a Horror Film” header. I mean, what about films like The Stepfather, the Good Son or The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Those are all horror films, right?


Since I wanted to share this Fangoria article, I thought it would be fun to track down some other interviews with Alicia Silverstone from around the time like this infamous cover piece from Rolling Stone from September of 1995 during the time that Clueless was making the rounds…

click on the cover to read the article

Or more apt is this piece where Silverstone was interviewed by Graham Fuller of Andy Warhol’s Interview the year after The Crush was released in their February 1994 issue. Fuller kills it with this opening bit in the interview:

“Play Scrabble with the letters in Alicia Silverstone’s name and you get all sorts of appropriate words: actress, cat, carnal, Eve, silence, salivate, sin, sincere, Lolita. And innocent? Nearly, but not quite.”

click on the image to read the article

The only other pieces I was able to dig up where a few issues of Vanity Fair featuring articles on Silverstone including this first one with a short blurb about the actress during the filming of The Crush for the April 1993 issue…


Then during the press junket for Clueless there was a short article in the August 1995 issue.

And finally a much more substantial interview in the September 1996 issue during the run-up to Batman & Robin where Silverstone even snagged the cover of the magazine.