Villains come with many quirks; megalomania, sociopath, obsessive compulsiveness.  You name it, there’s some villain with that attribute.  One of the more fun type of villains is one that is a fancy dresser.  Tuxes.  Three piece suits.  Battle armor.  Ascot.

Yep, the ascot.  The ascot tie has been a defining villainous characteristic for decades.  And yes, it’s actually a tie.  I thought it was a kerchief folded around the neck, but no, it’s actually a wide winged, thin necked tie.  Who knew?

Anyway, the ascot is sort of ridiculous and over the top as an accessory and I love when villains use them.  Here are seven of my favorite villains who wore an ascot.

Capt Stillman (Stripes) – As played by the great John Larroquette.  We covered this guy on CFC in our most recent episode.  Such a great, sniveling character.  Extra points for the camouflage ascot.

Terry Silver (Karate Kid III) – As played with such maniacal relish by Thomas Ian Griffith. We covered this pony-tailed, toxic waste dumper in episode 8 of the podcast.  I only wish we could cover him in EVERY episode.

Sebastian Shaw (X-Men: First Class) – Such a cool and calculating villain.  Bacon essentially plays Shaw as a Bond villain.  A GREAT Bond villain.  It’s too bad we won’t see him in any more of the X-Men movies.

Lestat (Interview with the Vampire) – Tom Cruise really went to the walls with his portrayal of Lestat.  I have a love-hate relationship with this movie and book, but Cruise was without a doubt giving it his all.

Michael Corleone (Godfather Part II) – The prototype gangster. With style. As played by the iconic Al Pacino.  Michael and Fredo actually wear ascots in this movie.  Stereoscopic Ascots.  It’s like it was filmed in Ascot-Vision.

Dr Frankenstein (Curse of Frankenstein) – I’m a huge fan of Hammer Studios as well as Peter Cushing starring in Hammer Studios films.  Cushing totally crushes it playing the iconic mad doctor. In an ascot.

Doc Holiday (Tombstone) – I’m toeing the line here calling Doc Holliday a villain. He’s more an anti-hero.  But I love him so much I couldn’t leave him off this list.