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Cult Film Club Episode 34: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig Featured

On this episode of the Cult Film Club Shawn, Jaime and Paxton dive stage-dive into the weird and wonderful world of Hedwig and the Angry Inch! Written, directed and starring John Cameron Mitchell with music by Stephen Trask, this modern musical masterpiece follows a young boy named Hansel as his world is turned upside down,

Spiritual Trilogies…

streets of fire 1

Sometimes I feel like I have a weird way of grouping movies together in my head.  This process tends to spill over into my DVD organization, as well as into what movies I’ll group together and watch when I’m in the mood for a film marathon.  What’s a little weird about this process is that

CFC Guest Review Over at Basement Screams!

Basement 2

I wanted to take a second and point to a really rad film site called Basement Screams.  All through the month of March they’ll be featuring reviews and articles dedicated to Punk Rock on film, and they were kind enough to invite me to do a guest review of a flick… Having just fell in

Chasing Marin Kanter…

Marin Kanter 2

Something I’ve always been curious about is how folks decide what to watch next.  Granted, I know most of us don’t “have a system” or anything, but I’ve spent enough agonizing hours with friends and family to know that some people can be pretty damn particular about picking that next movie.  My friend Kevin and