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List vs List vs List: Cult Film Club’s Top 15 Movie Hackers


Since the Cult Film Club just covered 1995′s Hackers, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explore some of our favorite silver screen computer geniuses.  We each narrowed our favorites down to a list of five and we’re pitting them against each other like that time when Acid Burn and Crash Override clashed

The Movie Section: What movies were out with Young Guns?


So, we’ve just covered the Young Guns movies. Let’s take a look at the movie theater landscape the years that these movies came out. Here’s a newspaper ad for the original Young Guns. It was cut out of my hometown paper, The Birmingham News, back in 1988, right after I saw it. I used to

6 of my favorite pop culture Grim Reapers


I love the idea of the Grim Reaper. It’s just such a cool visual and the idea of personifying death with this skeletal figure in a tattered black robe and scythe is a cool one. I recently re-watched a few movies and TV shows with Grim Reapers that I loved so I thought I’d run

7 Favorite Ascot-Wearing Villains

Badass ascots

Villains come with many quirks; megalomania, sociopath, obsessive compulsiveness.  You name it, there’s some villain with that attribute.  One of the more fun type of villains is one that is a fancy dresser.  Tuxes.  Three piece suits.  Battle armor.  Ascot. Yep, the ascot.  The ascot tie has been a defining villainous characteristic for decades.  And yes,

More Awesome Unofficial Trilogies


Earlier this week, Shawn revealed several “unofficial movie trilogies” featuring three or more movies that were, if not technically linked, were thematically linked. This is a topic Shawn and I have discussed before, so I thought I’d write up my own list of “unofficial movie trilogies”. “Sho Kosugi Ninja Trilogy”  I’ll start with one of

Zapped! newspaper ad


Zapped! opened in theaters on July 23, 1982. Hidden deep inside your local movie section that summer, the advertisement for Zapped! looked like this. Other movies showing in theaters at that time included Annie, The World According to Garp, The Secret of Nimh, Firefox, Rocky III, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, ET and Young Doctors

Talking about 80s cult geek transformation movies


This week the Cult Film Club discusses the 1982 movie Zapped! While this movie is mostly a parody of other popular movies at the time (Carrie, Porky’s, Exorcist) it is also what I like to call a “geek transformation” movie. In the movie, the lead character, who could be described as a “geek” or “nerd”, is

Viva la VHS! A look back at my first video rental stores

Blockbuster small

Continuing a look back at our home video history.  Pax talks a little bit about a few of the video rental stores he frequented while growing up.  Check out Shawn’s recollections here. I think I’ve talked about how important the video rental store was to my development as a cult film fan.  Hell, it was

Tayna Roberts doesn’t push, she shoves!

Tanya Roberts

I thought it would be fun to cull through my archives of old horror and sci-fi magazines and put up a handful of Beastmaster articles.  The first one is an interview with Tanya Roberts from Fangoria, issue #26, 1983 titled simply “Tanya Roberts!” If you can get past film critic James Verniere’s ridiculously, creepy and

The Beastmaster newspaper ads

Beastmaster 2

The Beastmaster was released on Aug 20, 1982. If you opened the movie section of the newspaper that weekend, this is the bad ass, awesome image that greeted you. How could you NOT want to go see that movie?  Am I right? It took nearly 10 years, but The Beastmaster got a sequel. The sequel,