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Shawn Totally Like-Liked Them…

JaneBadler_Faye Grant

Since Paxton decided to open up his 80s era diary and share his top six mega crushes with the club, I felt an obligation to do the same.  So I unlocked my hope chest, rifled through the clippings and found my top six movie crushes from when I was growing up in the 80s.  Not

Chasing Marin Kanter…

Marin Kanter 2

Something I’ve always been curious about is how folks decide what to watch next.  Granted, I know most of us don’t “have a system” or anything, but I’ve spent enough agonizing hours with friends and family to know that some people can be pretty damn particular about picking that next movie.  My friend Kevin and

Pax discusses 6 of his mega-crushes from the 1980s


Lori Loughlin (Secret Admirer, The New Kids, Full House) – I saw Lori first in Secret Admirer, then I saw her in The New Kids (both movies are from 1985).  Loved her in both.  The New Kids is more of a dark thriller and Secret Admirer is a great 80s teen comedy.  She was really

Remembering Home Video, Long Live Videodrome!

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Without a doubt, growing up in the middle of the home video boom of the 80s made me the film lover that I am today.  The experience of walking up an down the aisles of the local mom & pop video rental store, examining each and every VHS box for exciting cover art and my

Meet Your Ambassadors of Cult

Shawn in The Monster Squad

Sure, you could read the host biographies on our About Us page, but we wanted to introduce ourselves in a slightly more awesome fashion. In addition to having amazing taste in movies, we have respectable Photoshop skills. Paxton Holley Pax advises you to drop that zero and get with the hero. Shawn Robare Give Shawn