Introducing the Cult Film Club Concession Stand!

Introducing a new set of episodes to the Cult Film Club called The Concession Stand.  Basically, in between our main single-movie-focused episodes, Paxton, Shawn and Jaime will be recording some smaller, bite-sized episodes dealing with other cool cult film related topics that don’t quite fit into the normal shows.  So grab a box of candy, get a frosty beverage and join us as we take a look at the fringes of cult cinema.


On this first episode we spend some time discussing the world of movie novelizations.  What we love about them, what we don’t, what it’s like collecting them, and what we wish we’d see in the hobby.

Listen now!


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  • C Raymond Pechonick

    Have you seen the “Unauthorized” Audiobooks of Novelizations on YouTube? You should check it out… I am listening to Time Bandits right now!

    • Shawn Robare

      Yes! So cool, I listen on my commute to work…

      • C Raymond Pechonick

        Probably should have finished listening to the episode before I asked, Just learned about the Podcast from NerdLunch! Really like it so far!

  • pizmeyre

    In answer to the question about novelizations of movies that were based on a novel, I would like to bring up Johnny Mnemonic. It was a short story, then a movie, then a novelization of said movie, and finally an FMV CD-Rom game.

    All of which bore little resemblance to the actual short story. AND the game was based more on the novelization than the movie itself, as it shared MAJOR plot points that were ONLY in the novelization. (I guess maybe the script, too… I dunno)

    And, yes, I had ALL of them. :)

    Also, the novelization of Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula…