Do you like exploding heads and body parts?

Well, you clicked this, so I have to assume the answer is yes. And that’s good, because so do I. (Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here. You’re in a safe place.)

In fact, I love exploding heads and body parts so much I created this compilation video of cult films (and one really great exception from a TV show) that feature spontaneous human combustion, people’s heads getting blown off, and a litany of other horrific (and yet totally fucking awesome) splody things that happen to people when filmmakers take a hard look at their work and say, “You know, this is great and all, but you know what this movie really needs? A guy getting microwaved to death.”

And because such highbrow entertainment needs a classy soundtrack, I set it to Beethoven. Good people, I give you:

“Splode to Joy”

Just for fun, try to see if you can guess which movies all these clips are from! (You could just cheat and look at my video description on YouTube, but what fun would that be?)

  • Wesley Hampton

    That was already the most entertaining thing I’m going to see all day and it’s only 7:30.

  • Dex

    Great compilation! There’s probably about as many things I’ve seen as not seen in there.

    • Shawn Robare

      Yeah, that was one of the things I really dug about Jaime’s video too, I saw new stuff!

    • ShezCrafti

      I’m betting Frankenhooker falls into the “not seen” category.

      • Shawn Robare

        I know I haven’t seen it yet. Been on the Netflix queue for over a year…

      • Dex

        Yep it’s another one of those flicks on my “list that I forget about because I don’t make an actual list and then never remember to see it” list

        • ShezCrafti

          Haha. I got one of those too!

        • Shawn Robare

          Sounds like my Netflix queue. I have so much stuff on it Netflix will crumble as a company before I’ll be able to rent it all, and I can never find stuff on it. Wish there was a shuffle feature…

  • Paxton Holley

    Scanners was the easy inclusion. Thank you for the Big Trouble in Little China love.

  • Tom Mathias

    Wow, I have seen a disturbingly large number of those films… awesome!

    • ShezCrafti

      You’re my kind of people!