Cult Film Club Episode 14: The Last Dragon

Welcome back to the clubhouse for another episode of the Cult Film Club!


On this episode hosts Jaime, Pax and Shawn take on Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. Who’s the Master?  SHONUFF!  All three hosts kneel down and kiss some Converse as we discuss our favorite scenes, the amazing soundtrack, and the outrageous soul glow in the film.  Whether it’s break-dancing out of bondage or kicking an albino Mr. T’s ass, this film has everything that fans of cult flicks love.  So put on your venetian blind sunglasses, zip up your banana yellow Game of Death tracksuit and get ready to catch some bullets with your teeth!

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    I finished the Podcast today and will catch the full movie on my next few nights off, I gotta give you guys some props.The CFC is a little light on comments these days. I can appreciate the effort that goes in to this site. I was searching The Last Dragon Youtube and found this interview you might have missed.

    • Shawn Robare

      Cool, I think you’ll dig the flick. Gonna watch this interview when I get home from work tonight. Also thanks, we took a short hiatus between seasons so it got a little quiet around the site. But we’ve finished dusting off the cobwebs and put the plastic covers back on the furniture so it’s Party at the CFC time again! ;)

    • Sharon Stango

      Thank you for posting this….Glenn Eaton is my cousin, and we have enjoyed the movie through my family , my kids family, and grandkids….Our favorite part of course because of Glenn is when he used the numbchucks(think thats how you spell) everyone was awesome…and my grandson used the Last Dragon soundtrack for a martial arts event…..


    I watched TLD last night and it was Epic. Reminds me of Master Splinter at the beginning. I had a Redheaded friend from school in 1988 that studied Ninjitsu, he had a Ninja suit, could do backflips from high places, owned blow darts, Sais and a bunch of Ninja videos. Watched many a Ninja video. like the American Ninja and Bruce Lee but I don`t think he owned TLDragon. From memory he had quite an expensive Ninja collection and was really in to it, It was probably a 6 month Ninja phase for me.

    • Shawn Robare

      Cool! Glad you enjoyed it man, it’s one of those gems that gets loast in the shuffle with stuff like American Ninja, Ninja III: The Domination and Breakin’ 2. I remember having a friend who had a blow dart gun. It was cammo and I remember never being able to get the darts to stick, but he could. I went through a similar phase where I was constantly begging my parents for ninja stars (they sold them at the local flea markets) and in particular a ninja star belt buckle (where the star was removable.) I thought that thing was the pinnacle of badass…

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  • The Last Dragon Tribute

    Shawn glad you stopped by my Facebook page to share this. Always great to hear people talking about the greatest movie of all time!! Love you site. Now following on Facebook and Twitter! I am @thelastglow on twitter and The Fan Tribute to The Last Dragon on Facebook. Thanks again!

    • Shawn Robare

      No problem, thanks for running a cool site yourself! Gonna go check you out on Twitter (already following the page on FB.) :)

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