Cult Film Club Episode 40: Gleaming the Cube

On this episode of the Cult Film Club, Shawn, Jaime and Pax break out their Powell/Peralta skateboards and do some pool shredding while discussing the 1989 flick Gleaming the Cube.


Starring Christian Slater, the movie is a mix of skating action wrapped around a mid-80s-era Cannon Asian crime drama.  Weird, but so worth the viewing, if only for the angsty Footloose-style skateboard dancing scene performed by the badass Rodney Mullen.  So strap on your elbow and knee pads and join us on the half pipe as we dig into this flick.


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    Hey you 3 at CFC, It`s been a while since I dropped by this site, I just listened to the whole Gleaming Episode, thanks for the time and effort, I don`t remember seeing this but it sounds familiar. I will look in to it.

    Just recently I was looking online for the Cartoon series Stoked [ yes I`m a grown man and yes I watch cartoons daily ] and I stumbled on to a Skater Doco called `Stoked The Rise and Fall of Gator` made in 2002 that I was unaware of.

    If you haven`t seen it, It`s on Youtube, Just be prepared, it doesn`t end well.

    • Shawn Robare

      It might have been called A Brother’s Justice over there, but yeah, it’s one of those films that most people have either seen and know or don’t know at all. I think it got lost in the wake of films like Thrashin’, Heathers, and Pump Up the Volume. Totally worth a revisit or first watch in my opinion, if only for seeing so many of the Bones Brigade members on film. And of course the rad Pizza Hut truck.
      I’ve been meaning to catch that Stoked flick. I heard it was a little messed up, but I’m very curious. If you haven’t already, check out the Bones Brigade documentary that Stacey Peralta made recently. So good and made me fall in love with Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen all over again…


        The Bones Brigade Full doco doesn`t seem to be available on Youtube, I got in to the skateboard scene for a year or two before going metal back in the day but I didn`t have much skill for it or a desire to injure myself getting tricks right, I used to do a few basic tricks in the house and roll down a steep hill on my street.

        I purchased around 4 NOS Vision Street Wear shoes and a Vintage Alphabarb print shirt on Ebay back in 2002 and I still have them stored away. Not worth as much now due to the rebirth of Vision Street Wear but I owned the skull print back in the late 80s and was always Nostalgic for them.

        As for the Gator Doc it features interviews from Tony Hawk, Jason Jessee, Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and Brandi McClain. Has amazing footage of the early skate scene but takes a dark turn for sure. Interesting to see the downside of fast fame and fortune.


        • Shawn Robare

          Yeah, I saw the BB doc on Netflix a while back. Not sure where it’s available online. I was pretty much the exact same. Loved the skating culture, but was basically a poser. I had a board and would tide it around the neighborhood, but was too afraid of getting hurt to try and tricks. Ah, childhood…

  • Crooked Ninja

    “Then one day his brother died.”