Cult Film Club Episode 37: The Monster Squad

Shawn, Jaime and Pax are back this month with a very special Halloween episode!  This time on the Cult Film Club we dive into one of Shawn’s all time favorite films, Fred Dekker’s 1987 magnum opus, The Monster Squad!

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In this episode we talk about the film, the cast, the awesome music by Michael Sembello and we dig into a ton of trivia about the film.  If you’re a fan of 80s era kid’s adventure and horror films you won’t want to miss this discussion!

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  • Ammon

    Your love for this film made this a very fun listen even if it wasn’t a movie I grew up with. I first saw Monster Squad in my twenties. I’ve seen it two or three times now. I liked that the monsters in it weren’t strictly evil. Frankenstein’s monster is friendly, the wolfman is basically a decent guy until he wolfs out. I definitely enjoyed the humor. Other than Rudy who seems like a movie character, the kids in it felt like kids you may have known growing up. It seems there also is more respect for the source material than in Van Helsing or the Mummy movies (although The Wolfman, in 2010, was a good throwback). Thanks for the entertainment.

    • Shawn Robare

      Hey Ammon, thanks! Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I have too much enthusiasm for this flick ;) And yeah, I too really dig that there is more to the monsters than just the stereotype villains. This flick has a lot of layers that is surprising for a kid’s flick in the 80s…

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  • Crooked Ninja

    I almost thought this ep would just be Shawn talking to variations of himself gushing over the movie :)

    • Shawn Robare

      It might still be. You can do wonderful things with audio these days ;)

      • Crooked Ninja


  • Mike Tanner

    Monster Squad might be my favorite movie. When it came out on DVD, I had a Monster Squad watch party… 2 people showed up. I went on a date with a girl that I was really not interested in just because she had an anecdote about meeting Andre that I wanted to hear…It wasn’t that good of a story and didn’t go out with her again. I wore my Wolfman’s Got Nards tshirt when I met Shane Black…he had no reaction.

    I have a theory about the rap- It think the rap vocals are actually done by Dekker himself and the rest were just studio musicians. The “yelly white guy rap” style definitely seems like a place-holder that they never bothered to finish.