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Cult Film Club Episode 30: Lady Snowblood!

Episode 30-Featured copy

We’re finally back with a new episode of the Cult Film Club!  After a short hiatus for technical reasons, we’re back and we’re finally diving into Asian cinema as we cover the 1973 cult samurai classic Lady Snowblood! Join us as we discuss the film, the huge influence it had on the movie Kill Bill,

Unofficial Trilogies are Officially Awesome

unofficial trilogoes

If growing up in the 80s taught me anything it was that any film that was even moderately successful deserved a sequel, and the only thing better than a sequel was a full blown trilogy.  There’s something magical (in the unicorn and rainbow kind of way) about the movie trilogy format that I can’t quite

Cult Film Club Episode 10: Miami Connection


In this episode of the Cult Film Club Pax, Jaime and Shawn take a metaphorical road trip both back in time and down to central Florida to see the almost lost cult classic, Miami Connection. We rock out with the heroic taekwondo band Dragon Sound, go into berserker rages while fighting drug dealing ninjas, and

Spiritual Trilogies…

streets of fire 1

Sometimes I feel like I have a weird way of grouping movies together in my head.  This process tends to spill over into my DVD organization, as well as into what movies I’ll group together and watch when I’m in the mood for a film marathon.  What’s a little weird about this process is that

Top Five Naked Fight Scenes!

Sex & Fury

So far this year has been not unlike a series of Liu Kang chicken kicks to my face, but I’ve finally rebounded and am looking to push back and do some crotch punching of my own! To kick this off (pun fully intended), and to celebrate, um, fighting (well we did cover Mortal Kombat this

Top 10 One-Eyed Bastards

3 - Frigga They Call Her One Eye Christina Lindberg

Have you ever had one of those days where you got an eyelash stuck up under your eyelid and no matter how much you rub it or splash water on it you can’t get at it?  That was the majority of my morning, and it got to a point where I seriously considered gouging out

Django Caulder: Unchained


One of the reasons that we recently picked the 1966 Django flick to cover on the podcast was because of the impending (at the time) release of Quentin Tarantino’s new spaghetti-infused western Django: Unchained.  Having seen the Sergio Corbucci original a few times I was really looking forward to what QT was going to put

Do you like exploding heads and body parts?


Well, you clicked this, so I have to assume the answer is yes. And that’s good, because so do I. (Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here. You’re in a safe place.) In fact, I love exploding heads and body parts so much I created this compilation video of cult films (and one really great exception

Remembering Home Video, Long Live Videodrome!

IMG_5703 3

Without a doubt, growing up in the middle of the home video boom of the 80s made me the film lover that I am today.  The experience of walking up an down the aisles of the local mom & pop video rental store, examining each and every VHS box for exciting cover art and my

Cult Film Club Podcast Episode #2: Talking Cult, Part 2


Paxton, Jaime and Shawn are back with the second part of Episode 2 of the Cult Film Club.  For this episode we side-stepped discussion of a particular film in lieu of talking more generally about cult movies and our personal experiences with the genre.  Whether it was benefiting from older sisters, taking in 99 cent