30 Things We LOVE About…Ping Pong Summer!

Ping Pong Summer is one of those flicks that we here at the Cult Film Club are taking an extra bit of pride in talking about.  So far everyone we’ve been able to convince to give this film a chance has loved it, and we’re confident that this will be a flick that people will eventually come around to (kind of like Wet Hot American Summer which took years to build a fanbase of loyal watchers.)  So with that in mind, here are 30 things that we LOVE about the movie (and seriously, we could have very easily made this a list of 1000 things!)

  • http://goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com/ The Goodwill Geek

    yes. Yes. YES. You had me at “Ping”

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Lol, for reals. This film hooked me right as he put the Fat Boys tape in the boom box and rewound it in the first scene…

  • Paxton Holley

    I didn’t mention this in the show, and I should have, but I was a little disappointed that the one scene cameo of Teddy’s dad wasn’t someone like Michael “Turbo” Chambers or Shabba Doo. That would have been AMAZING.

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      That just blew my mind


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pezFi1I5OgI Latest Health Insurance Ad here in Australia,

      • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

        Whoa, lol, that’s awesome. That’s how you brand health insurance. I get that they’re evoking the time of one’s birthdate, but I half expected them to say something like, “If you want to be able to do the worm in when you’re in your 60s, you better get some fresh health coverage now, so bust a windmill while signing the forms today!”

      • Paxton Holley

        That was amazing. LOVE IT.

      • http://www.shezcrafti.com/ ShezCrafti

        THIS is how you make commercials! That was fucking rad!