30 Things We LOVE About…Mannequin!

We’re almost caught up on our 30 Things lists from our monthly movies series, so today we’ve keeping it current by taking a closer look at the film we just covered on the podcast, 1987′s Mannequin! Here’s a list of the 30 things we LOVE about that flick.

What are some of your favorite things? Let us know in the comments…

  • Jesse H

    HMMM my nieces will be over this weekend, maybe this will be our movie night movie. ;)

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      That sounds like a plan to me!

      • Jesse H

        They liked it!

        But … they liked “The Warriors” even better, I think. lol I’m like the worse at judging movie content, it always seems like a good idea to watch such and such movie because it’s a cult classic, but then I feel bad realizing how adult some of the content is while we watch it. Guess those ratings are there for a reason!

        • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

          Well you know, looking back I was probably watching stuff at way too young an age and I turned out alright ;) Seriously, I was watching stuff like The World According to Garp when I was like 6, and I saw Robocop in the theater at 10.

  • Junior

    Good movie. How about reason #31 Kim Catrall! What a babe. Also a little Prety In Pink reunion with Spader and McCarthy. How I miss the 80′s.

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Totally, on both accounts. And it’s a Police Academy reunion for Catrall and G.W. Bailey!

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